Tips to protect your Yahoo Mail account after hacking
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If you want to protect your Yahoo mail after hacking, see this important tips and secure your mail account.

Tip - Use Yahoo Account Key or two-step verification

The two new security features with your conventional password is the first thing, you should do to keep your Yahoo account safe. Yahoo introduced Yahoo Account Key and Two-Step Verification securities to protect your account. This is easy to keep hackers away from your account. You just need to enable at least any of these security features and keep your account safe.

Tip - Change your password; make sure it's strong enough
"What you are using as your Yahoo account’s password?"

This is really important to understand that your password should be strong enough to get crack. If you are still using the easy password or dates, vehicle numbers, phone numbers as password; you are more prone to get your account hacked. This is the time to update the password with a new one; you just need to change it with a stronger one. It should be a combination of alpha-numeric and try to use at least a capital letter too.

Tip - Check and update your account recovery email information

The recovery method works with the correct recovery information; when your sign up with Yahoo Mail account; you have to provide the alternative email address and mobile number for recovery. In fact, you have to answer a security question so; when you lost control of your Yahoo mail account, you can get it back with help of the Yahoo Sign-In Helper.
It works with the recovery information. Once you detect the hacking on your account; you should go for updating this information as hacker might have already got these details.

If you need any information; can free contact our toll free Yahoo customer care support helpline number 24/7.

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